Teams are responsible for hiring and paying for qualified, uniformed umpires for their own home games. 

Teams may choose any accredited umpires for their games. We strongly recommend the Great Lakes Officials Association (GLOA).  GLOA umpiring services are expected to be limited and subject to availability; first-come, first-served. Subject to availability, the GLOA may only provide umpires for NSFPL games in the 12U and 14U age groups only.   Key GLOA contacts are

GLOA Scheduler GLOA Commissioner GLOA Treasurer

Harold Morton


Rich Sebben

Harold Morton
P.O. Box 886257
Great Lakes IL  60088

Organizations using the GLOA are responsible for coordinating their scheduling directly with the GLOA Scheduler, including notification of any changes.  In case of rain, there will be no charge if the GLOA Scheduler is notified 2 hours or more before game time for evening games or by 9:00 P.M. the night before for morning games.  There is a 50% charge if notification is made late and the umpire is on hand at game time.  Games forfeited or canceled for any reason without notification will be charged as full games if the umpire is on hand at game time.

For all age groups, member organizations may use
GLOA umpires or retain other umpires who are properly trained and uniformed.